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Click here to seethis galleryI want to experiment… Is this a dream? Could the doctor really want to marry me after all the years of sexual deviance?

Hikaru has dived into a life of hedonistic sex games which have culminated in the day every girl dreams of: her wedding day. Now the blushing bride and her perverted doctor husband look forward to slower-paced days. But that doesn’t last for long. In no time these perverts are back to their old ways, including sexual fetishes that give the term “honeymoon” a new demented meaning. A new town leaves all kinds of new places to experiment…

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Petite hentai girl trained as a sex slave

Click here to see this galleryYamamoto Akuji noticed that the world is a totally different place after his release from prison. He experiences Osaka as something very new and strange after he got out of prison. During his imprisonment the hierarchal structure flipped upside down making it a world where women dominated over men.

Militia, churches, businesses and private businesses are operated by a female figure. Men were powerless, being controlled and enslaved by the women of Osaka. Being angered by the situation, Akuji and his partner Satsu begin their payback by teaching the stuck-up women in Osaka a little lesson…

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Lewd patient fucked by her doctor in a public toilet

Click here to see this galleryKyozaburo Nagatsuka’s hospital is teetering on the brink of financial ruin. Enter Dr. Shinji Ishida, a doctor widely rumored to have engineered countless turnarounds at other failing hospitals. Dr. Ishida’s methods are unorthodox… intrusive… and sadomasochistic!

Humiliation is his specialty and his cure-all. Now the patients can’t get enough of being treated by Dr. Ishida, and shower money on the hospital to keep from being discharged.

Dr. Ishida hardly has time to notice Nagatsuka’s daughter’s growing obsession with him; however, he has just set his sights on a new source of revenue - a mother and daughter, no less!

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Naughty head nurses fucking inside holy grounds

Click here to see this galleryShiyuuta Biwajima and Chikara Nikki (SPOTLIGHT, MEIKING, CAMPUS) are the masterminds behind this story of a shy nurse who’ll do anything (or anyone) to make up for her mistakes!

These nurses love to make patients feel good…

Meet the lovely nurses of Ishikawa General Hospital! There’s Yuriko, the tall, dark and seductive head nurse; Naho, the cute and playful girl with a sexy streak… and then there’s Satsuki. Quiet and shy, Satsuki only wants to make a good impression, but she keeps screwing everything up. When she accidentally gives an aching patient the wrong medication, he cons her into releasing his pain with a healthy dose of hot and heavy sex - but by the end, it’s Satsuki that’s moaning in pleasure!

Now, Satsuki will make sure that all of her mistakes are remedied with a little sexual therapy. But is she taking things too far? And what would her co-workers say if they knew…?

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Click here to see this galleryReturning to Osaka, Akuji’s next step was to rebuild his strength and to acquire his new force to get back his home. During his preparation, Wakame Gumi was planning something else, which was to capture Akuji’s lover, Minka. Now Ajuji is determined to regain his home, get back his girlfriend, and to punish Ichihashi Ran, the girl who took over Akuji’s home.

Part 2 of “Daiakuji” is packed with sex scenes, bondage scenes and gangbang scenes which are filled with sexual excitement.

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Click here to see this galleryThe Big Chest Grandprix is just around the corner and the girls are pumped! Through this competition the girls have decided that whoever wins will win both the cash prize and Wataru’s heart. Which of these three girls will be the ultimate winner?

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