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Click here to see this galleryFubuki has been searching for his missing stepsister, Miku Haneoka. Looking for help, he finds none other than beautiful Tomomi, who explains the evils of the school gymnastics team and what they do in the gym after school. To infiltrate the team, Fubuki becomes a coach and meets with the team’s captain, the tough Koyuki Fujimiya. But he has yet to witness the depravity of the gymnastics team and their constant orgies.

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click here to see this galleryA chance meeting over the internet lands Minoru a night of hot sex with Akane, an older woman. But, for some reason she seems familiar to him, and when Minoru visits his mother, he realizes why Akane seems so familiar. They could be twins!

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Click here to see this galleryIt’s time for dessert with a sweet helping of G-taste!

First, we get a glimpse into the life of Sayaka, a beautiful teacher whose luscious body aches for satisfaction - she’s just not getting enough! And poor Sayaka doesn’t even know what’s wrong; that is, until Doctor Fubuki steps in to give her a woman-to-woman examination…

Then we have Misuzu: a kind, quiet girl who just happens to look ravishing in a swimsuit. When she’s around a certain guy she likes, she just can’t control herself… She’ll bare all and do anything, but she still can’t get her man. It’s up to Sayaka to step in and show her how to put her natural assets to good use!

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Her name is Rei. Her code name: CHIMERA. The dark wasteland of the underworld is her home. People call her many things, but she is always known as an angel of death. Where Rei treads, she leaves nothing but death and grief. An expert marksman, a silent assassin, and more woman than meets the eye, but her dark secret will soon be exposed.


By the year 2114, the world is still a very dangerous place. Although technology brought some remarkable advances to our world, those same developments are often used for vicious and deadly crimes. Sihouettes - the highly advanced robots that can be controlled by your thoughts, even at a distance.

Considered to be one of the most significant breakthroughs of their time, their purpose has been twisted to serve those who only seek money and power. But our heroines, Rika and Sandy, will soon put a stop to that!

My Fair Masseuse

Times are hard for Moko, a sexually starved young woman eager to please men any way possible. She just wants a job that brings her pleasure and some money. So, driven by her passion to serve mankind, and encouraged by her friend, our heroine, Moko sets off to become the best masseuse ever!

Little does she realize that in her efforts to help her clientele relax, she would end up fulfilling many of their sexual fantasies as well. The job does have some drawbacks: avoiding an annoying peeping tom who believes he must save Moko from this life of debauchery, helping the elderly and even getting involved in a threesome just to spice up some couple’s sex life. Are these drawbacks or does Moko have her hands full for once in her life?

But, ever cheerful, our gal Moko meets every challenge, with her perky attitude, and her perky breasts. So for a massage like you’ve never had before, come meet…My Fair Masseuse.

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Click here to see this galleryNaoto and Rika continue their “training” at a park, where Rika learns her new attack for her alter ego, Jiburiru. After calling it a day, Naoto stay behind at the park where Reina, the manager of Meimi’s restaurant, spots Naoto. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, Reina is seducing Naoto. Naoto is actually drawn to her! While all this is happening Rika is ambushed by Asumo and Meimi! How will they get out of this mess? Who knows! But one thing’s for sure… This is one sexy Japanese animation!

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Click here to see this galleryNikita Shindou loves the world of animation more than anything; he puts his life into it. He has never fallen for a real, living girl, until the day he meets Ren Aoi. What can he do to make her notice him, even fall in love with him?

“I know, I will make her an Akiba-girl!” Now the question is, how will he make her an Akiba-girl…? Let the games begin!

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In the night, loyalties are tested, lines are crossed and the asphalt set ablaze by thrill seeking street racers. The only currency here is the flesh of smoking hot, horny, hard bodied women and the ‘gear shifts’ they ride.

Over 1 HOUR of Top fueled 3D animation. A perfect marriage of intense sexual debauchery and computer generated animation. PINKS features 5 SEX SCENES with a smorgasbord of free styled swing swapping sluts. These girls have the curves to make you swerve.

Pink Slits, Luscious Clits & Perfect Tits! Pop open her hood, and get your PINKS.

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Click here to see this galleryThe Sex Demons of the Shikima Clan are restless, and their only desire is to find their way to earth and human women! These creatures will spare no effort to revive the child of their king, Hanzaki, who can bridge the gap between dimensions. The child’s mother is a Miroku Clan ninja named Miyu, and her entire clan is ready to help defend earth from the encroaching darkness. It is time for the final battle between woman and demon, as the five most beautiful women of the Miroku Clan make their last stand against the Demon Sex magic of the Shikima!

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Click here to see this galleryUnwelcome and unwanted, Jiro decides to flee the Special Zone with his brother. But Kotaro goes missing and chaos is fast breaking in the city. Cassa’s nefarious plan is revealed at last: to search out the rumored Eleventh Yard under cover of the confusion she created.

As infected Kowloon blood spreads throughout the hospitals to spill out into the streets, the Company joins with the vampiric houses in battle against the rising threat. The newly Kowloon are attacking everyone in sight. Much blood will be spilled this day, for the evil of the past should never be resurrected.

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