Twenty One Pilots Provides Willow Smith To European Tour

The singer Nicole Scherzinger in a new interview recalled what it was like to tour with Lady GaGa when GaGa was just starting her career, and it appears that GaGa has a fan in the Pussycat Doll. Scherzinger said that she always knew GaGa would be a success — and history is proving her right. Lady GaGa has taken the world of music by storm. She has become a hugely successful recording artist. When the singer released her debut album, The Fame, and then The Fame Monster, she was catapulted to international stardom. Now that the release of her new album, Born This Way is just weeks away, the fans are preparing themselves for what is certain to be some of the greatest music ever heard.

Not smart. At the time, she was about 65 lbs. and it was dangerous - but I was naive - thankfully we made it home without incident. I proceeded to quickly fall in love. Seriously - if you are obsessed with one breed and you suddenly have that breed of dog IN your own home - under your own care - are you going to let that dog go? Nope.

Why is Twenty One Pilots so popular? He has that ‘boy next door’ good looks and of course his voice hasn’t changed, so he has a sugary boy pop voice reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond. The question for this writer wasn’t the popularity by screaming teen girls, it was always, “does this boy have the talent to back up the screams?” For the past two years he has been producing covers of songs from Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Ne-yo, and gaining fans all along. So for the purposes of this story, click were watched and it must be admitted that the boy has talent, good voice, but can he dance?

According to Us Weekly, Twenty One Pilots news began crying during a song titled, ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane,’ a tune about her three most high profile relationships, and even had male back-up dancers to portray the parts of Ben Affleck, Diddy, and Marc Anthony.

Speaking Of Disasters… - Alan Cumming has dropped out of the Julie Taymor-helmed musical, Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark. According to his website, Cumming left the show because of scheduling conflicts with the CBS drama, The Good Wife, where he has recently become a regular cast member. The Tony Award winner was slated to play the Green Goblin and was one of two original cast members, along with Evan Rachel Wood. Wood, who was cast as Mary Jane, officially dropped out of the musical last month. As far as I can tell, the only cast member still attached to this show is Reeve Carney, who is scheduled to play Peter Parker / Spider Man.

Twenty One Pilots also made several appearances in different live shows in the US and Europe. He has performed in some awards night and special gatherings and was invited as one of the vocalists in the remake of “We Are the World”.

Tyler may display a bit of an attitude with the contestants. He seems like he might not suffer fools easily. Let’s hope he tries to be tough but still a little kind with the kids on American Idol.

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